Nearly Roadkill by Caitlin Sullivan and Kate Bornstein

A novel written in cyberspace, Nearly Roadkill is an Infobahn erotic thriller without any boundaries – virtual, sexual, legal, or otherwise. What-appears-to-be Boy meets what-appears-to-be Girl. But their world is the Net, where any persona – and any gender – can be created. They pose as a host of different personalities, switching identities and genders as quickly as they create passwords. Named Scratch and Winc, these two genderless beings cybersurf into the various worlds on the Net as they fight government intervention on this final frontier.

Representation Includes

  • Non-binary transfeminine protagonist (Winc)
  • Sapphic cis woman experimenting with gender presentation (Scratch)
  • Both use ze/hir pronouns


  • Longlisted for Otherwise Award


Where to Find


  • First published 1996
  • Original title: Nearly Roadkill: An Infobahn Erotic Adventure
  • ISBN13: 9781852424183

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