Books Needed

My goal for this database is to include a wide range of queer representation in the science fiction and fantasy genres, including queer representation that intersects with other identities. I want everyone to be able to find a protagonist that reflects them! That said, I haven’t found books for every intersection. Here are some areas where I would love to find more books (for each of these, I either have no books or very few books). If you know of any books that fit, please comment!

General areas

  • More agender protagonists
  • More books with lesbian protagonists by black and Latinx authors
  • More books with queer disabled protagonists
  • More books with queer Middle Eastern protagonists
  • More books with queer Southeast Asian protagonists
  • More books with specifically pansexual protagonists
  • More books with a trans protagonist and trans love interest
  • More intersex protagonists! (especially #ownvoices authors)
  • More Muslim protagonists (especially #ownvoices authors)
  • More Native/Indigenous protagonists (especially #ownvoices authors)
  • More queer books by Latinx authors
  • More queer male leads without romance subplots
  • More queerplatonic relationships (this is a specific term that doesn’t just refer to friendship)
  • More Pacific Islander protagonists
  • More queer protagonists who are parents
  • More young adult books with a central polyamorous romance
  • Fantasy with Eastern European worldbuilding and queer protagonists

Intersections of Different Queer Identities

  • Asexual spectrum trans women protagonists
  • Asexual lesbian protagonists (I have a couple but would like more)
  • Demisexual trans and nonbinary protagonists
  • Bisexual/pansexual trans male protagonists
  • Gay trans men protagonists
  • Biromantic/panromatic asexual nonbinary protagonists
  • Aromantic gay and lesbian protagonists (both cis and trans)
  • Nonbinary lesbian protagonists

Identities and Relationships

  • Asexual spectrum male protagonists in a f/m romance (both cis and trans)
  • Demisexual male protagonists in a f/m romance (both cis and trans)
  • Trans male protagonists in a F/M romance
  • Trans male protagonists with nonbinary love interests

Intersections of Different Identities

  • Asian gay protagonists (especially by #ownvoices authors)
  • Black nonbinary protagonists
  • Black, bisexual male protagonists (I have a couple but would like more! Especially in science fiction)
  • Gay protagonists over forty
  • Queer autistic male protagonists
  • Queer protagonists who use wheelchairs or other ambulatory devices
  • Queer protagonists who are blind
  • Queer protagonists who are deaf
  • Muslim trans protagonists
  • South Asian lesbian protagonists
  • Latina lesbian protagonists

Genre/Age Group

  • Adult science fiction books with bisexual/pansexual male protagonists
  • Science fiction with a male lead in a polyamorous romance
  • More M/M science fiction (I have some but not a ton)
  • Asexual and/or aromantic protagonists in epic fantasy (I have two, but they are both older books. Is there anything more recent?)
  • MLM fairy tale retellings
  • Nonbinary protagonists in epic fantasy
  • Adult historical fantasy with aromantic protagonists
  • Historical fantasy with trans protagonists
  • Aromantic protagonists in urban fantasy
  • More nonbinary protagonists in urban fantasy (I have very few)


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