Love and Comets and Other Stories by Gillian Ybabez

“Love and Comets” and Other Stories is a collection of stories, poems, and journal/memoir that I published on my website in 2016.

The title story, “Love and Comets”, is a space adventure and slice of life story. Maria Flores has been sent on a mission to save the Earth from several comets heading for it. In the time leading up to her leaving, she meets Hailey Wen and they begin a relationship.

The other thirty-nine stories are a mix of scifi, fantasy, contemporary, and surreal.

Representation Includes

  • Flash fiction collection; focuses on stories about trans women, lesbians, and trans lesbians
    • Many protagonists are sapphic Latina trans women
  • Title novelette “Love and Comets” features romantic relationship between Latina trans woman and East Asian (cis?) woman


Where to Find


  • Published July 10th, 2017

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