No Gods No Monsters by Cadwell Turnbull

One October morning, Laina gets the news that her brother was shot and killed by Boston cops. But what looks like a case of police brutality soon reveals something much stranger. Monsters are real. And they want everyone to know it.

As creatures from myth and legend come out of the shadows, seeking safety through visibility, their emergence sets off a chain of seemingly unrelated events. Members of a local werewolf pack are threatened into silence. A professor follows a missing friend’s trail of bread crumbs to a mysterious secret society. And a young boy with unique abilities seeks refuge in a pro-monster organization with secrets of its own. Meanwhile, more people start disappearing, suicides and hate crimes increase, and protests erupt globally, both for and against the monsters.

At the center is a mystery no one thinks to ask: Why now? What has frightened the monsters out of the dark?

The world will soon find out.

Representation Includes

  • Ensemble cast including:
    • Black bisexual protagonist
    • Puerto Rican-American sapphic protagonist
    • Biracial, bi-ace, trans protagonist
    • Non-binary side character
  • Polyamorous relationship


Where to Find


  • Published September 7, 2021 by Blackstone Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781982603724

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