China Mountain Zhang by Maureen F. McHugh

With this groundbreaking novel, Maureen F. McHugh established herself as one of the decade’s best science fiction writers. In its pages, we enter a post-revolution America, moving from the hyper-urbanized eastern seaboard to the Arctic bleakness of Baffin Island; from the new Imperial City to an agricultural commune on Mars. The overlapping lives of cyber-kite fliers, lonely colonists, illicit neural-pressball players, and organic engineers blend into a powerful, taut story of a young man’s journey of discovery. This is a macroscopic world of microscopic intensity, one of the most brilliant visions of modern SF.

Representation Includes

  • Gay man protagonist of mixed Chinese and Puerto Rican descent
  • Gay supporting characters


  • Won the Lambda Award, the Nebula Award for Best First Novel, the Locus Award for Best First Novel, and the Otherwise Award
  • Nominated for the Hugo Award


Where to Find


  • Published March 1992 by Tor Books
  • Paperback ISBN13: 9780312860981

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