Zeta Base by Judith Alguire

As the galaxy celebrates a half-millennium gala, Antiquity, Earth’s venerable science-philosopher, announces an ominous finding about the Earth’s sun. But, esteemed though she may be, her warning is received with skepticism, especially by Marcus Vinkle, chief technician of the sun-computer SOLCOM – because Antiquity’s theories rely entirely on the readings of outmoded instruments.

Antiquity’s three brilliant protegees have reunited for the gala: free-spirited Morgan, who has brought performance art to unprecedented daredevil heights; Deirdre, nurturer of Earth’s animals, a gentle and loving woman who yearns for an earlier era; and Jaffey, master engineer, whose systems-check of SOLCOM will determine the truth of Antiquity’s findings… or will it?

Morgan and Jaffey rekindle an old rivalry over Deirdre… And a fierce love triangle plays out against a background of deepening intrigue and impending disaster. For, as Antiquity battles time and the increasing odds against Earth’s very survival, her own formidable mental powers appear to be failing…

Representation Includes

  • Four lesbian protagonists, three who are in their twenties or thirties and one who is 153 years old
  • Nearly every supporting character is a lesbian as well


  • Lambda Literary Award nominee


Where to Find (Out of Print)


  • Published July 1st 1991 by Naiad Press
  • Out of print

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