The Fortunate Fall by Raphael Carter

A stunning debut SF novel of virtual reality, virtual memory, virtual love… and real genocide.

Maya Andreyeva is a “camera”, a reporter with virtual reality broadcasting equipment implanted in her brain. What she sees, millions see; what she feels, millions share.

And what Maya is seeing is the cover-up of a massacre.  As she probes into the covert political power plays of a radically strange near-future Russia, she comes upon secrets that have been hidden from the world… and memories that AI-controlled thought police have forced her to hide from herself.  Because in a world where no thought or desire is safe, the price of survival is betrayal—of your lover, your ideals, and yourself.

In The Fortunate Fall, we hear a new voice so assured and so intimate it seems we must always have known it, and so electrifying we know we have never before heard its like.

Representation Includes

  • White, Russian lesbian protagonist
  • Black-Japanese lesbian love interest


  • Nebula Award nominee
  • Locus Award finalist


Where to Find (Out of Print)


  • Published July 1996 by Tor Books
  • ISBN13: 9780312863272
  • Out of print

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