Bones and Bourbon by Dorian Graves

Retz Gallows has been possessed by an ancient necromancer for almost his entire life. He’s used to wicked schemes and body-stealing shenanigans, but waking up to a unicorn head in his passenger seat is a new low. Now he’s forced to carry out a gilded menagerie’s dirty deeds, but the task brings him face to face with the hope he’d long given up on: his older brother.

Jarrod Gallows left home to rescue Retz from possession. Instead, he’s saddled with a dead-end job as a paranormal investigator, a Faerie curse, and a daredevil boyfriend who might be from another world. At least he’s got a new case to keep himself busy—but why has his brother reappeared, and why does this sudden reunion feel more like a bane than a blessing?

To survive, the half-huldra Gallows brothers will have to escape the forces toying with their lives, as well as the wrath of carnivorous unicorns, otherworldly realms, and even their own parents. Only time will tell if they’ll make it out alive… or sober.

Representation Includes

  • Asexual man protagonist (Retz)
  • Bisexual transgender man protagonist (Jerrod)
  • Gay man love interest (Farris)


Where to Find


  • Originally published April 23rd, 2018 by NineStar Press; re-released edited version self-published
  • ISBN13: 9781734896008

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