An Unexpected Invitation by Ceillie Simkiss

Beatrice has always struggled with motion sickness in any form of travel. That’s why she made sure that she lived on the island of Maredudd, where she only rarely needs to get anywhere using anything other than her own two feet. However, it doesn’t make it easy for her to get anywhere in a hurry.

She gets called away for urgent help healing a friend who got bitten by an unknown creature and gets surprised by an unexpected invitation to a childhood friend’s wedding. She’s almost positive she won’t be able to get there in time, or in good shape enough to be able to attend the wedding.

However, with the help of two unusual friends and a little bit of magic, she’s going to try everything in her power to get there, even if it will be an unusual journey.

Representation Includes

  • Aro-ace woman protagonist with a disability that gives her extreme motion sickness
  • Bisexual supporting character
  • Lesbian couple minor characters


Where to Find


  • Published January 31st 2019

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