The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths & Magic by F.T. Lukens

Desperate to pay for college, Bridger Whitt is willing to overlook the peculiarities of his new job—entering via the roof, the weird stacks of old books and even older scrolls, the seemingly incorporeal voices he hears from time to time—but it’s pretty hard to ignore being pulled under Lake Michigan by… mermaids? Worse yet, this happens in front of his new crush, Leo, the dreamy football star who just moved to town.


When he discovers his eccentric employer Pavel Chudinov is an intermediary between the human world and its myths, Bridger is plunged into a world of pixies, werewolves, and Sasquatch. The realm of myths and magic is growing increasingly unstable, and it is up to Bridger to ascertain the cause of the chaos, eliminate the problem, and help his boss keep the real world from finding the world of myths.

Representation Includes

  • Bisexual male protagonist


  • Won the Bisexual Book Award
  • Nominated for the Gaylactic Spectrum Award


Where to Find


  • Published September 7th 2017 by Duet Books, the YA imprint of Interlude Press
  • Paperback (ISBN13: 9781945053245)

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