A Matter of Oaths by Helen S. Wright

‘A compelling, mind-bending future that’s finally come home to the present’ – Becky Chambers, author of The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

When Commander Rallya of the patrol ship Bhattya hires Rafe as their new Web officer, she knows she is taking a risk. As an oath breaker, Rafe has suffered the ultimate punishment – identity wipe – but luckily for him, there’s no one else around qualified for the job. Shunned by his previous shipmates, Rafe is ready to keep his head down and do his job, but his competence quickly earns him respect, admiration, and, in one particular case, love.

It’s difficult to maintain the glow of acceptance however, when his past is chasing him across the galaxy in the shape of an assassin, intent on dealing once and for all with Rafe, whatever the cost.

Originally published in 1988, A Matter of Oaths is a space opera with heart, intergalactic intrigue and epic space battle.

With a new introduction by Becky Chambers, author of The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet.

‘Fast paced and inventive … it held my attention to the end’ – C. J. Cherryh

Representation Includes

  • Protagonist is a woman nearing retirement age who might be queer (I haven’t found any reviews specifically talking about her being queer, but I have seen reviews that say everyone’s queer)
  • MLM point of view characters, one of whom is bisexual


Where to Find


  • Published July 1st 1990 by Questar (first published 1988)
  • Paperback isbn13: 9781448216970

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