Red Caps: New Fairy Tales for Out of the Ordinary Readers by Steve Berman

Red Caps might be a rock band. Or they might be something more sinister, a fey source of sounds that are but the backdrop to thrills and misadventures. These thirteen stories provide readers jaded by the traditional, Old World fairy tales with tempting new stories that will entice bored readers from their suburban ennui. Closets are waiting to be explored. Escape from work camp leads to a dangerous encounter on a wet road. That high school year book is magical and might be mocking you…or helping you find love. And isn’t love one of the central premises of the fairy tale? These teenage boys and girls need not fear that their love has no worth, because Steve Berman has written for them princesses who love maidens and adorkable students who have wondrous and smart boyfriends. Readers can be assured that, if the tale does not end happily, it ends most memorably.

Representation Includes

  • Multiple queer identities (from reviews, I mostly see lesbian, gay, and bi)


Where to Find


  • Published February 14th 2014 by Lethe Press
  • Paperback (ISBN13: 9781590212820)

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