My Heart’s in the Highlands by Amy Hoff

The year is 1888. Brilliant and beautiful, Lady Jane Crichton has fought the constraints of her Victorian Edinburgh upbringing to become one of the first women to attend university for medicine. Denied a degree because of her gender, she decides to marry a closeted gay man, providing him with political and social cover and herself with the time and money to pursue her scientific interests—one of which is a time machine. Jane’s machine works…but not exactly as she expected, and soon she has crash-landed in the 13th-century Scottish Highlands.
There she is rescued by a wild, red-haired warrior woman, Ainslie nic Dòmhnaill, next in line to the chiefship of the great Clan Donald, the rulers of the Sea Kingdom of the Isles. Despite the constant threat of attacks from enemy clans, harsh winters and a touch of homesickness, Jane finds herself bewitched by this land, this time and this magnificent woman. The rough and warlike Ainslie also feels the magic and revels in a passion and love neither she nor Jane had ever imagined.
But Jane is hiding a dangerous secret—one that threatens to tragically transform their Highland fairy tale.

A Bella Debut Novel
Genre: Historical Romance
Editor: Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer: Kayla Mancuso

Representation Includes

  • Jane is demisexual and sapphic
  • Ainslie is bi/pan


Where to Find


  • Published June 18th 2020 by Bella Book
  • Paperback ISBN13: 9781642471274

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