Weak Heart by Ban Gilmartin

Something has gone very wrong on the sleepy Scottish Isle of Mab. The tides are angry. Reality has shifted. Selkies are coming up from the ocean, boys are missing, magic is going haywire, and memories are being pulled from people’s minds.

Thomas Madigan is living in a nightmare.
Isla just wants to go back to the sea.
Kit Macrae thinks he’s drowning.
Tanis Hughes needs to feed.
And Owen Darrow doesn’t seem to exist.

WEAK HEART is an LGBT+ horror fantasy featuring blood, sea salt, magic, and banter.

Additional Tags: childhood friends / friends to lovers to enemies / bed sharing / rescue missions / nightmares / blood magic / blood pacts / selkies / vengeance demons / domestic lesbians / combat boots / supportive siblings / trashy romance novels / three gays + 1 cat / genderless beings of mist and moss / coastal horror / Scottish myths / mac n cheese / seagulls / Glaswegian slang / Brexit

Representation Includes

  • Gay main character with anxiety (Thomas)
  • Black lesbian main character (Isla)
  • Filipino MLM POV character (Kit)
  • Lesbian POV character (Tanis)


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