Moth by S.E. Diemer

Imagine a future America where being gay is punishable by death.

Piper doesn’t have to imagine. She lives it.

Adopted siblings Piper and Easton aren’t careless. Their parents raised them with the knowledge that if they ever give themselves away, they’ll be sent to the Borstal, a dilapidated prison where deviant children–Recreants–undergo brutal treatments to cure them of their “sins.” By command of Liberty’s leader, Voice Wright, if the Recreants fail to be cured, or are ever caught committing another sinful act, they are sent to the Void. And no one ever returns from the Void.

Despite their caution, a freak Enforcer raid on an illegal party catches Piper and Easton by surprise. They and all of the other queer kids at the party are immediately shipped to the Borstal–which proves to be even worse than the whispered rumors had predicted. When Easton is falsely accused by a tormentor–and sentenced to the Void–Piper dares a desperate, and almost fatal, escape, beginning a journey across Liberty to chase after Easton in the hopes of saving his life…without losing hers.

Set in a future America where a deranged dictator supposedly hears messages from “the One,” where being queer (or promiscuous, or unwholesome, or rebellious) is punishable by death, MOTH is a button-pushing novel of oppression, resistance and hope, written by award-winning author S.E. Diemer.


Representation Includes

  • White lesbian protagonist
  • Gay side character, her adopted brother
  • Black lesbian love interest


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