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The bell, the lantern, the witching hour…

A refugee arrives from elsewhere in time; a generation ship makes landfall; a vast galactic empire settles to the business of government. Tarot readers find hope in the cards; witches live through the aftermath of war; and Indian mothers think it’s high time you were married. Here are thirteen stories of love and queerness, hope and decolonisation, and the inevitability of change.

Includes a new introduction by the author and four previously unpublished folktales.

“[Iona Datt Sharma] is adept at creating entire worlds in a compact, delicately finished package, blending pure sensibility with the best bits of the magical realist movement.”
-Jeannelle M. Ferreira, author of The Covert Captain

Representation Includes

  • A mix of queer identities


Where to Find


  • Published March 24th 2019 by Independently published
  • Paperback  (ISBN13: 9781090746962)

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